is a safe place to play poker in 2014?

is pokerstars safe?Last updated on March 20th, 2018 - Pokerstars is easily the most trusted online poker site in the world in 2014. They are widely considered to be the safest poker room on the Internet in 2014 and have been for more than 5 years. It is no coincidence that the largest poker site is also considered the safest. Sadly does not accept USA citizens in 2014 but they did just a few years ago and are expected to ago in 2014 or 2015. Several US states already have state-backed, licensed and regulated online poker rooms. When Pokerstars chose to leave the American market they paid every single U.S. citizen every single penny they were owed. When their main rival Full Tilt Poker was shut down after it became known that they did not have enough money to pay their American customers a few years ago it was Pokerstars who worked out a deal with the US government and used their own money to pay Americans every dime that they were owed. Poker Stars did not have to do that but they did. The US government has our money and have been trying to figure out the best way to send refunds but the incompetence of our federal government has nothing to do with Pokerstars. Pokerstars had recently paid hundreds of millions of dollars to refund every single US citizen and even after that they have the 300 million dollars needed to refund FullTiltPoker's U.S. customers in an acquisition deal between them and the USA. Pokerstars now owns Full Tilt Poker and has rebuild FTP into a popular place to play poker. Pokerstars has more traffic than the entire iPoker Network, OnGame Network, Betonline Poker, Merge Gaming Network and Party Poker combined. No company is 100% safe but Poker Stars is surely 99% safe and the safest, most trusted, financially secure, viable and reliable Internet poker site in 2014. Is Pokerstars safe in 2014? Yes. Is Poker Stars safer than any other poker room in 2014? Yes. Is the safest online gambling site in 2014? Yes. Is Poker Safe is offering exclusive bonus packages to new players at Poker Stars in 2014.

How to claim free money at Poker Stars in 2014:

  1. Visit Pokerstars and download the software
  2. Create an account and in the "How Did You Hear About Us" section choose the "Marketing Code" option. Enter the marketing code PSP11820
  3. When you deposit enter the bonus code FREE20 for a $20 instant cash credit and use the bonus code STARS600 up to 3 times for a 100% bonus to $600

how do you know that pokerstars is safe in 2014?

As the biggest and most popular poker room online in 2014 Poker Stars has vast resources available to them. Millions of Americans once played there and over 100 million people world-wide hold accounts at Pokerstars in 2014. There are only a few online gambling sites that equal or exceed the financial might of Pokerstars. is the largest sportsbook in the world so they are just as financially secure. This "Is Bovada safe" guide covers more about this USA friendly gambling site. Some of the larger European gambling sites like Bet365 and 888 may equal Pokerstars financially but that is about it.

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