is full flush poker a safe place to play poker in 2014?

is full flush poker safe 2014Last updated on March 20th, 2018 - Full Flush Poker is the newest online poker site for U.S. players in 2014. As a general rule, new poker rooms for USA players should be considered unsafe until proven otherwise. is not just a new skin on an existing poker network. They are a brand new USA friendly poker room and the first room on the brand new Equity Poker Network. I usually tell people to stick to older, established poker sites but FullFlush Poker is definitely the exception. Is Full Flush Poker safe in 2014? Yes, or about as safe an any business can be. Full Flush Poker has grown from 0 peak players to over 5,000 peak players so obviously many Americans think they are safe. One reason for this unprecedented growth are the fast payouts. Does Full Flush Poker pay out in 2014? Yes, and they do so faster than virtually every other online poker site accepting USA players in 2014. FullFlush has a 24 payment processing policy that states that players who request their cashout by 10:30AM will have their payout processed by 10:30AM the next day. This means that check withdrawals will be with the delivery company within a day and Moneygram or Western Union cashouts will be sent and the pickup details will be available to you. In our Is Betonline Poker safe article we explained how money transfer service payouts - WU and MG - can take as little as 12 hours but if you consider U.S. withdrawals as a whole then would be the fastest paying US poker site in 2014. Full Flush Poker has been giving much of the rake generated by players back to the players. FullFlush is home to the best poker tournament overlays in the industry. Generally, unsafe and scam poker sites do not give most of their profits back to players so this is a good indicator that this new poker room is safe and here to stay. So next time someone asks you if Full Flush Poker is safe or if Full Flush Poker pays out you can tell them that they payout faster than virtually every other online poker room for Americans and that they are the fastest growing US poker room so they should be considered a very safe place to play poker online for real money in 2014. Is Poker Safe is offering exclusive bonus packages to new players at Full Flush Poker in 2014.

how do you know that fullflush Poker is safe in 2014?

For a new USA poker site in 2014 there are many good indictors that point to FullFlush Poker being 100% safe. I would never give a brand new poker room such a rating but up until now there have been no serious complaints and a lot of happy customers. This new room doesn't use shady tactics and their Terms & Conditions have been analyzed and certified as both fair and player friendly. The fact that is giving back most of their revenue speaks volumes about their business. They are here to stay and so far have been shown to be a very safe place for USA citizens to play poker online for real money. They also have a built-in casino that uses the Rival software, which is widely considered to be the safest casino platform and the platform with the lowest house edge in 2014.

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