is Carbon a safe place to play poker in 2014?

is carbon poker safe?Last updated on March 20th, 2018 - Carbon Poker was not always known as Carbon Poker. In fact, when they first rebranded as CarbonPoker they received a lot of criticism from both players and affiliates. People would ask why they went with a reg-fee domain, meaning a domain that no one ever bothered buying and thus Carbon Poker was able to acquire it for the $9-$10 registration fee. Before they were Carbon Poker and before they launched the Merge Gaming Network, they were a stand-alone room using the valuable domain. They sold the domain to an affiliate, rebranded as Carbon Poker and launched the Merge Poker Network. They had a nice edge over other US poker sites of that period because of their custom-built poker client and it's massive number of unique, cool features. They also opened PDC Poker, which in 2014 they shut down and merged with CarbonPoker. They also owned Aced Poker when the company behind it went under. It was nice of Carbon Poker to basically pay back the Aced Poker customers with their own money. Is Carbon Poker safe in 2014? Yes. They have been online - in one form or another - for almost 10 years. When one of their network partners went under - Aced - Carbon Poker honored the failed room's debt, which they did not have to do. Carbon Poker has been one of the three biggest poker sites for US players for many years. They were the biggest for a year or two until one of their network partners - Lock Poker - left Carbon Poker's network and created the Revolution Gaming Network. Carbon Poker and Merge Gaming lost around 50% of their traffic from that. They lost another large chunk of their traffic over the year that followed due to slow payouts. In early 2014 acquired new U.S. payment processors and now cashouts take around 1 week via check by courier. In the past Carbon Poker might have paid slowly but they did always pay. Player trust in Carbon Poker has always been high so even when the average payout time for an American was 2-3 months, Carbon Poker funds traded at $.75-.90 on the dollar.

To put that in perspective, when Lock Poker was paying very slow, people were trading Lock Poker money for $.10 on the dollar. With Carbon Poker it wasn't a matter of IF you would be paid, simply when you would be paid. Therefore, Carbon Poker is safe. Carbon Poker pays out, much quicker in 2014 than they did last year so that is a big plus. One thing I do not like about Carbon Poker is that they removed the ability to send money via a p2p transfer but with their new fast payout speeds it doesn't matter much now. Carbon Poker's network is very healthy and traffic has grown considerably. Carbon Poker remains the best USA poker site for sitngo and tournament players. The Carbon Poker software has more games than any other US poker room in 2014. CarbonPoker is ideal for micro, small and mid stakes players for virtually any card game. They are also the best poker room for freerolls. Carbon Poker may not be the safest and most trusted US poker room online in 2014 but they certainly rank in the top 3. Is Poker Safe is offering exclusive bonus packages to new players at Carbon Poker in 2014.

how do you know that Carbon Poker is safe in 2014?

If you check the major online poker and gambling forums online you will see that there are very few serious complaints about Carbon Poker in 2014. They are financially secure and players generally trust this room unconditionally. There have been bad times but the fact is that Carbon Poker always did right by players. They may have once paid very slowly but there was never a question of them not paying. Growth has been significant ever since they started paying much faster. When people ask if is safe or if pays out, they generally receive a definitive YES from even the most critical online poker players.

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