is bovada a safe place to play poker in 2014?

is bovada safe?Last updated on March 20th, 2018 - is a USA friendly powerhouse in the world of online gambling. They are owned by Bodog and were setup as a connected but separate gambling site for Americans. Bovada/Bodog were one of the first big Internet gambling sites to open and have been operating for 15 years. Pokerstars rules the global poker industry but Bovada rules the global sports betting industry. They also are very popular amongst casino gamblers, American and international. This corporation is valued in the billions (USD) and has many businesses beyond gambling, such as entertainment, food & beverage and others. Your money is as safe at Bovada as it is at any US bank. Bovada is based out of Canada and is subject to her laws and regulations, many of which are similar to those in the United States of America. Customers at Bovada therefore enjoy many protections that are not available to Internet poker gamblers at other gambling sites online. Asking if Bovada is safe is a lot like asking if a Walmart giftcard is safe. There is little chance of this ultra-popular, successful and trusted gambling site closing their doors. Does Bovada pay out is another commonly asked question and Americans will appreciate the answer. In our " Is Bet Online Poker safe in 2014" guide we mentioned that Betonline Poker is one of the fastest paying poker sites for US players in 2014 but Bovada is very close to them. Moneygram and Western Union payouts at Betonline Poker take 36 hours on average. At Bovada they take 42 hours on average. Check payouts at may even bet a little quicker, 4-6 days from start to finish. Is Poker Safe is offering exclusive bonus packages to new players at Bovada in 2014.

how do you know that bovada is safe, trustworthy and financially secure in 2014?

Bovada and Bodog are trustworthy because most people trust them. That is a generic answer but all I can really tell you is to do some research. Don't truth anything you read if you see a link to Bovada or a Bovada banner on the article you are reading. Bovada has won a number of awards but that really doesn't prove much. One good method you can use to gauge the online gambling communities trust is is to visit affiliate portals that list the best gambling sites for USA citizens in 2014. I can guarantee that you will see Bovada ranked highly on 9 out of 10 lists. This wouldn't be the case if Bovada was blatantly unsafe. Gambling sites tend to ripoff their affiliates before they ripoff their players. Affiliates earn a percentage of the revenue generated by their players for life so if a gambling site was unsafe obviously people would make one deposit and never come back. Affiliates promote gambling sites that have excellent player retention - as they are more profitable - so the fact that Bovada is ranked so highly everywhere you look is very telling. You can also read Internet gambling forums to see what gamblers are saying about Bovada. Is Bovada safe in 2014? Yes.

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