is online poker safe in 2014?

is online poker safe?Last updated on April 23rd, 2018 - I run a number of online poker portals and many of them focus on U.S. poker sites in 2014. Every month when I check my web statistics I notice that many people are Googling phrases like "Is online poker safe" or "Is Full Flush Poker safe?" or "Are US poker sites safe in 2014". I decided that the people searching for answers to these questions deserve a page that specifically answers their question. In most cases the people searching for such things would end up visiting a page of mine that offers a list of US poker sites or a review of the poker room their query was about. The pages didn't really answer their questions. People should not trust a poker room review to tell them if a USA poker site is safe in 2014, for obvious reasons. There is a conflict of interest. When a reader clicks my link to visit an online poker site accepting US players in 2014 they will be tracked to my affiliate account and I will receive a small fraction of the rake they generate. The typical Internet poker player only generates $50-$100 in rake per month so we are only talking about small amounts of money but still, you should not trust an affiliate to tell you if an online poker room is safe or not. I'm an affiliate so you might be wondering what the purpose of this site is if you cannot trust anything I say. I'm not just going to tell you that online poker is safe or that Betonline Poker is safe, or that Full Flush Poker is safe. I'm also going to tell you why they are safe and give you the knowledge you need to determine rather a USA friendly poker site is safe or not in 2014. I will also be covering the big non-USA poker rooms like Pokerstars. "Is Pokerstars safe" is easily the most asked question of this nature because Poker Stars is the biggest Internet poker room in 2014, by a large margin. Hopefully this guide will teach you some things you didn't know before and help you find a safe, fair and legit online poker site in 2014. I will start with a list of the safest online poker sites and gambling sites in 2014. After that I will tell you what makes an online poker site safe and what makes them unsafe.

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safe USA online gambling sites in 2014 - safest US Casinos & sportsbooks

Multi-service gambling sites accepting U.S. players are typically the best sites for Americans to gamble at for real money online. A slow paying casino may be able to stay afloat but a slow paying sportsbook, poker room and casino would not do as well. This is why the top USA friendly gambling sites in 2014 have really fast payouts. Here are a few U.S. casinos that also offer poker rooms and/or sportsbooks.

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finding safe online poker sites in 2014 - how to determine if a poker room is safe, fair and legit?

There are ways for you to determine if an online poker room is safe or not. Generally speaking, the poker sites with the highest traffic are considered to be the safest. The logic behind this is that tens of thousands of players are playing at these rooms at any given time and that they have millions of happy customers. If they were unsafe or scams or didn't pay out, no one would play there. The online poker community polices themselves for the most part. Poker rooms with shady practices or slow payouts generally go out of business. Lock Poker is the perfect example. This poker room went from being a skin on the Merge Gaming Network, albeit a very popular skin, to being the flagship room and the biggest USA friendly poker room - on their own poker network, Revolution Gaming - to being a virtually empty room that no one trusts and no one plays at. What went wrong? It started with U.S. payouts getting slower and slower. By the time payouts had reached a 6 month wait time, players were trading their Lock Poker money for $.50 on the dollar. Several months later - with no improvements - even the Lock Poker Pros were using the p2p transfer feature to trade $1 of Lock Poker money for $.10 on other poker rooms, bank transfer and ewallets. Lock Poker introduced some shady polices during their decline and truly became an unsafe, scam poker site. They were working with certain poker affiliates - those greedy enough to continue sending unsuspecting players to a rogue poker room - and were paying players send by those few unscrupulous affiliates within 2-3 weeks, while everyone else waited 6-12 months or more. LockPoker also closed the accounts os many players who they accused to intentionally bringing down the value of Lock Poker funds in order to make more money doing p2p trades. Perhaps a few people were guilty but it was Lock Poker's incompetence and shady practices that ruined the value of their chips. Lock Poker was eventually kicked off the network they founded and is currently a stand-alone room. Lock Poker has not been a safe poker room for ever 2 years. As you can see the online poker community can and will spot and punish unsafe, rogue poker rooms.

There are some telltale signs to look for before you sign up at a poker room. Read the poker room's T&C that new players must agree with when they sign up. Rooms with shady Terms and Conditions are unsafe. You should also Google to find out the rooms U.S. payout speeds. For instance, the new USA poker site Full Flush Poker. Google "Full Flush Poker payouts" and learn about their current payout speeds. I do not promote sites that take longer than a week for Moneygram and Western Union payouts. Check payouts should never take more than 2 weeks. Poker forums usually have a payout thread for all of the big rooms. People will list when they requested the payout, when it was approved and when they received it. Getting this feedback from dozens of players will tell you exactly how long it takes, not how long they used to take or claim to take to pay out. Poker forums are good places to learn about the poker rooms reputation too.

is safe in 2014?
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Generally speaking, the online poker rooms accepting U.S. players that pay fast in 2014 are the rooms with the highest traffic today. Bet Online Poker hardly has the best poker platform or the best tournament selection. In fact, they are mediocre in most areas in my opinion. Despite that, they are one of the best USA poker sites in 2014 and are considered one of the safest poker rooms online for Americans. They are nearly 15 years old and they pay out very, very fast. Is online poker safe in 2014? Yes. Do online poker sites pay out in 2014? Yes.